Amp pushed too far, ungraceful break up, blown speaker, the sweet smell of burning electronics…

Or, a bright, touch sensitive, drop dead gorgeous twang and snarl machine

Invokes primal blues, ignites trash can garage-punk, and brings out all forms of ragged glory.  

ruck•us: The act of making a noisy disturbance.


Sonically attuned for guitar, bass and other forms of oscillatory devices.


For ordering and availability please email me and let me know your wants and desires- Alan



100% handmade
original discrete circuit design
hand selected transistors
true bypass switching
top mounted input, output, and power jack
can be powered by a 9v battery or 9v dc power adapter
dimensions 4.7” (D) x 3.7” (W) x 1.18” (H)
current consumption: 7.9 ma max.

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