MOUNTAINKING ELECTRONICS is dedicated to creating heavy effect pedals and devices.  

We focus on simple and original designs that create intense tones and complex textures with an emphasis on retaining the full frequency spectrum of the input source.  We believe that the simpler the circuit, the more alive and kinetic the sounds will be.  All of our pedals and devices are designed with this approach.
Besides the sonic output of MOUNTAINKING products, we also focus heavily on intelligent design and user-friendly interfaces.  Features like top-mounted jacks, carefully spaced knobs, and low-profile toggle switches are the types of things we keep in mind during our design process. 

Mountainking Electronics was founded in 2007 by Alan Pavlica.  While taking a short break from playing experimental electronic music, he picked up an old bass he had lying around and sat down to work out some heavy fuzzed-out tunes. Tracking down a bass-friendly distortion pedal proved much harder than he expected.  So he busted out his old Radio Shack experimentation kit, pulled some electronics textbooks off the shelf, and began breadboarding some simple amplifier circuits.  He soon realized that it wasn’t necessary to have hundreds of components in a circuit to achieve great results. In fact, it seemed to him that the more complex the circuit, the duller the sounds became.  This insight continues to influence all Mountainking designs to this day.

This initial journey into effect pedal design evolved into a low-end booster which became the basis for the original BEHEMOTH.  This pedal defined the MOUNTAINKING sound: Heavy-ness.  Intense Textures.  Massive Low End. Cosmic Oscillations. “Other Planes of There...”