Our new site has finally launched! It’s taken us a long time to get it up and running but we really wanted to get everything just right.  In addition to designing this new site, we’ve also designed printed circuit boards for all Mountainking pedals and devices.  This makes for a much more efficient build process for us and a much shorter wait time for you, our customers.  We are currently shipping most orders within two weeks.

So what else is new?

You no longer need to send a deposit and get on a long wait list to place an order. Now you can search for what you want on our site, add it to a standard shopping cart, and then check out using your PayPal account or any major credit card.  

What’s on the horizon?

MEGALITH V2 - Creeping over the horizon is the next phase in the evolution of the MEGALITH!  This newest version features four internal DIP switches that allow you to customize/mod the clipping and tone circuits for even more versatility AND it is now housed in a smaller enclosure.  DO NOT PANIC! This new version still uses the same infamous fuzz circuit as the original version of the MEGALITH.

COMING SOON!  Extreme modulation pedals, tabletop noise/drone boxes, synth modules, demo videos and more!

Take a look around and browse through the new expanded menu. In addition to new product pages, we’ve also added an FAQ, an ABOUT, and an ARCHIVE featuring nearly a decade of rare Mountainking creations!

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